Bring a Maya Woman Art Exhibit to Your College or Museum

Domingo García Criado
Procesión / Procession

The Helen Moran Collection is reaching out to universities, colleges, and museums throughout the United States. We want to bring the unique vision of these indigenous artists to your community, and spread the word about the struggles of indigenous and Latina women.

We have already had very successful exhibits, including lively interdisciplinary panel discussions on the development of naive art, the status of indigenous people, violence against women, and the historical role of the United States in Central America.

With the support of college libraries, academic departments, and student organizations, you can bring a beautiful and thought-provoking art exhibition to your institution.

For a sample prospectus, go to Maya Woman Prospectus. (This is a large file, and may take a minute to download.)

For a tipsheet for exhibition organizers, go to Organizing a Maya Woman Exhibition

For more information, please contact Rita Moran, Director of the Collection, at