Now you can purchase our short documentary film: She Is Everything: Maya Women in the Art of Pedro Rafael Gonzalez Chavajay. This film contains interviews with the artist and other commentators, discussing his paintings about contemporary Maya women's lives.
Running time 17:35 minutes. $9.99

Share these artists' unique visions of living Maya culture and
educate your community about their struggles by exhibiting
Maya paintings at your college or local museum.
Beautiful handwoven Maya blouses, called huipiles, are also available for display.

Teachers are welcome to download these lesson plans, which
use art to enrich the curriculum. They demonstrate how you can integrate multicultural and human rights education into your classes.

Learn more about the problems of indigenous women today, and how you support their dignity and human rights.
Mathías González Chavajay
La Pedida / The Request

Historical Background

A Maya woman wins the 1992 Nobel Peace Prize

Silent Immigrants