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Updates on the Maya Women collection and news about the status of women in Guatemala.

More Paintings
Arte Maya Tz’utuhil: Indigenous Maya paintings are offered for sale at Joseph Johnston, the Art Director, has devoted more than 20 years to building relationships with the artists, and providing them practical support.  The site also contains a rich archive of previous work by the artists.

More Slideshows
More Maya art can be viewed at the Rozylowicz Family Travels site, under the header “Guatemala’s ‘Arte Maya’ Slide Shows”.

Free English Classes
To enroll in free English classes, go to City College of San Francisco:, or check with your local community college or adult school.

Casa Rosario Spanish School: San Pedro la Laguna
A wonderful and very economical Spanish school is Casa Rosario, at Tz'utuhil Maya teachers work with students individually in a delightful garden at the edge of spectacular Lake Atitlan.  The school can arrange for homestays in the town, and it also has rooms with access to kitchen facilities. The school is run by two very accomplished brothers. Vicente Cúmes, Director of the school, is a fine Maya sculptor and a community leader of great courage and integrity.  Some very original and provocative works by his brother, Samuel Cúmes, are featured in the Maya Woman collection. You can contact the school to sponsor the education of a poor Maya child from the area.
Ixquic Spanish School:  Antigua
This small school, at, features highly experienced teachers and a lovely courtyard setting not far from the Parque Central.  Most of the teachers are women who worked for years at bigger schools, but then found that they needed to set up their own, independent project in order to receive fair treatment. They arrange very enjoyable outings and homestays for women, men, and families.  They can also help you find local volunteer opportunities--a wonderful way to help impoverished children, improve your Spanish, and learn more about the culture of Guatemala. Women helping women through education is a key part of their mission. 
Women's Textile Cooperatives
In tiny San Juan la Laguna, women weavers have come together in three cooperatives which offer beautiful, handwoven textiles dyed with natural colors.
Help Belize
New World Villages is a charity which has helped thousands of schoolchildren and their families in Belize by establishing computer labs, providing scholarships, building up libraries, providing school furniture and supplies, delivering medical equipment, and creating opportunities for sustainable farming. To learn more, go to
Domingo García Criado
Bañando / Bathing

Human Rights Organizations

Endangered Threads Documentaries
Learn more about the women who weave the splendid Maya textiles, and the broad range of their traditional techniques. Four beautiful short films reveal the lives and work of indigenous weavers in Guatemala and Mexico.

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