Timeline of Maya History

Chema Cox
La Huida de las Vírgenes / The Flight of the Virgins

11000   First settlers in Maya highlands and lowlands
3114-3113   Creation of the world, by Maya Long Count calendar
2000   Rise of Olmec civilization, a source of Maya culture
1800 BCE to 250 CE   Preclassic Maya
700   Development of writing
400   Use of carved stone solar calendars
250-600   Early Classic Maya
600-900   Late Classic Maya
900-1500   Post Classic Maya
  Arrival of Spanish in Yucatan
Introduction of Old World diseases, which kill off 90% of the indigenous population within 100 years.
1521-1821   Colonial Period
  Maya defeated by Pedro de Alvarado
Guatemala becomes Spanish colony
1724   Abolition of encomienda system of forced Maya labor by Spanish
  Guatemalan independence from Spain
  Mexican Revolution
United Fruit Company, a U.S. corporation, becomes the most important landowner and employer in Guatemala
1944-1953   Democratic reforms begin
  Guatemalan government expropriates 40% of the land of the United Fruit Company.
  U.S.-backed coup puts an end to land reform, ending nationalization of plantations of United Fruit Company.
  Genocidal civil war by Guatemalan military—funded, trained, and armed by the United States.
More than 640 indigenous villages destroyed.
1992   Rigoberta Menchú, a Quiché Maya woman, wins the Nobel Peace Prize.
1996   Signing of Peace Accords
2004   Departure of UN mission that monitored the peace process
  Continued corruption, bribery, narco-trafficking, gang violence.
Upsurge of femicide: the torture, rape and murder of women, with virtual impunity.